Dimich Outdoors Fishing Report 9-3-14

Grand Rapids and Lake Winnie Area Fishing Report

By Nik Dimich

As we slide into September and woodland color and cool nights and fall sports and hunting and fishing, crappies are now on the roam now as well as sunnies, and both are staying close to weedline edges and during bright days or cold fronts are sliding to deeper water and deep woody structure. To locate these schools of fish in the fall, try hovering with your electric motor over some woody structure or follow the edges of the weedlines while you vertical jig off the bottom with a jig and minnow or plastics. Be sure to look for “clouds” or “Christmas trees” or “layers” as these will usually be fish, sometimes, however, they are balls of forage or small panfish. If nothing bites, move.

Walleyes and perch are also frequenting shoreline veggie beds of thick submerged weeds and areas with sand grass in shallows and on the outside of weedlines. As the water continues to cool, walleyes and perch will join the bass by dining on the “crayfish” buffet, which can be found on most rock bottoms and rocky structure.

Northern pike and muskies will also be along these same shoreline structures where there are rock and weed structures, for perch and forage. So go the perch, so go these under water “wolves.”

Good reports are coming in from Pokegama, Winnie, Wabana, Trout and many other area lakes. As always, check your local bait shops/sporting good stores to find out the latest updates from our area lakes. Good luck fishing and remember, we’re proud to be in Minnesota’s nature. 

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